Fix Windows 10, Version 1903 – Error 0xc1900223 and Others

Operating system updates can significantly expand the range of features that users are looking forward to. However, there are some aspects, which can become an obstacle to the implementation of downloading new updates. The examples of the latter could be 0x80080008 and 0xc1900223 error codes. Often these problems are related to the unsuccessful outcome of the Windows Update.

Various bugs are antagonists of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update release history. Moreover, their number also does not stand still. Nevertheless, by strictly following the instructions for eliminating the above troubles, you can quickly forget about them.

Our article describes in detail all the necessary stages along with a description of the specifics.

Troubleshooting Process for Error 0x80080008

The first action to undertake in case of facing the feature update to windows 10, version 1903 – error 0x80080008 is to turn off AV instruments. Alternatively, a person can try downloading by hands. It should be underlined that Windows Update troubleshooter won’t be helpful in combating this trouble. Yes, for some time this will help to neutralize errors, but after some time trouble will remind of itself again.

In such cases, the use of SFC Command can help, thanks to which the documents of the OS will be checked for integrity along with repairing the error code. To realize this, it is necessary to find cmd using the Search box and then run as administrator. Your next task is to type scannow/sfc and run this command that will repair files after scanning.

Another Possible Method

Simultaneously, rebooting BITS can become useful to neutralize the 0x80080008 error code. User needs restarting the service to find out if there are innovations in the Update protocol. The latter is carried out by going through such stages as:

  • Windows + R and typing services.msc in the search line.
  • Looking for the BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) and opening its configuration.
  • In case the service isn’t running, clicking Start will help.
  • Choosing Recovery and checking First and Second failures are set to the Restart.
  • Validating the highlighted variants; viewing the innovations.

Some More Ways to Fix the Error 0xc1900223

Another nuisance which the user may face is called feature update to windows 10, version 1903 – error 0xc1900223. Its occurrence may be connected with the inability of the device to contact Microsoft Update servers. Probably, the reason is hidden in blocking certain Microsoft server addresses or in the using DNS. Below we have outlined some ways to deal with this obstacle.

Try to turn off VPN. Virtual Private Network can be a barrier to updating your operating system. You should first disconnect from the work network and then disable a VPN software. Try to upgrade Windows again.

Disable a network-wide adblocker. Apart from VPN the trigger can be Pi-Hole. This problem can relate to the DNS blocklist. In such cases, there are various actions for fixing the difficulty. Try temporarily disabling adblocker or install it.

If each of the possible procedures to say goodbye to the problem was unsuccessful, you should try refreshing each element of the Windows Update.

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