McAfee vs AVG – What Is the Difference?

Many interesting and useful opportunities and advantages are not the only ones that modern information technologies offer. The era of gadgets is also filled with an abundance of all kinds of problems and errors. For this reason, antivirus programs are very important structures that provide protection. However, the latter are not always able to prevent viruses from infiltrating your operating systems. This means that it is necessary to conduct a balanced analysis and then select the appropriate antivirus suite.

The purpose of this article is to determine the winner in a long struggle of strong competitors – mcafee vs avg. To implement the latter, you need to disassemble each of the suite. Criteria include price, operating system performance, interface and, of course, malware protection.

McAfee In-depth Parsing

Despite the fact that previously the antivirus company McAfee included several antivirus suites, now there are only two of them. The first of the latter is McAfee Total Protection. In addition to the perfect malware protection its special features among which are the following:

  • an encryption utility;
  • advanced two-way firewall;
  • file shredder;
  • anti-spam filter;
  • Network Manager;
  • Vulnerability Scanner;
  • social media guard;
  • Parental Control module.

At the same time, online protection can be provided using the WebAdvisor browser extension. It scans downloads and detects the presence of threats.

The list of services offered by McAfee Total Protection does not end there. You also become the owner of five True Key Identity Manager licenses. The latter is a kind of keeper of your passwords, collecting them in one place providing a convenient and, most importantly, secure login.

Perhaps, the most notable feature of McAfee is its comprehensive protection. This means that it doesn’t matter what operating system you use.

Above, we mentioned the presence of another antivirus suite called McAfee LiveSafe. All elements of the above Total Protection are present here. In addition, you can use secure cloud storage with a size of 1 GB.

What About AVG

Next in our battle of mcafee vs avg, the second one will be considered. Unlike the previous version, there is an AVG Free AntiVirus. It offers a wide range of types of malware protection. However, advanced features are missing here. Despite this fact, malware protection is a part of the freeware.

At the same time, it is worth taking apart AVG Internet Security that offers such features as:

  • anti-spam;
  • WIFI guard;
  • malware protection and vs webcam spying;
  • advanced firewall;
  • and more.

AVG Internet Security is able to protect a large number of devices throughout the year.

Actually, the content of AVG Ultimate is identical to the Internet Security along with the advanced Tune-up utility, automatic updater and Anti-theft.

Final Solution

As stated several times earlier, it is the antiviruses that protect your devices. The ability to detect all kinds of hazards is important for the program to work. Of course, distinguishing one of the two excellent and world-famous antiviruses requires a deeper study, taking into account each detail, even if it seems insignificant. However, there were two reputable laboratories called AV-Test and AV-Comparatives that did the analyzes.

According to the results of the latter, the winner is McAfee, whose level of performance has no drawbacks. The AV-Test Security Lab tested the program in 2018. Of course the results may seem outdated, but are definitely important.

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