PureVPN Review

PureVPN is one of the fastest VPN services on the market that offers a surprisingly wide range of features, considering subscription prices. For those who need access to a large number of servers in any corner of the world, PureVPN is a perfect solution, as the variety of servers that come with the app is the biggest out there. In this PureVPN review, we’re going to take a closer look at the product.

Main features

Internet kill switch

This option helps to hide your IP even in case of an unexpected disconnection from the VPN server. If you get disconnected, the app automatically and instantly closes all VPN-related connections. In this case, your real IP simply won’t have time to leak into the network.

Split Tunneling

You can independently decide which data to transfer through your provider and which to protect with a VPN connection.
By default, all traffic is sent over the VPN encrypted, which hides it from being viewed by third parties. However, if you don’t need such protection for some data, you can transfer it over a regular connection. This allows for keeping the connection speed high. After all, when working through a VPN, you inevitably lose speed, although PureVPN doesn’t limit it on purpose. You also don’t need to constantly turn the VPN on and off to work. The program switches automatically.

Wi-Fi security

This feature is quite common among modern VPN apps. PureVPN can detect when your device connects to an unsecured Wi-Fi network and prompts you to enable VPN. So you’ll always stay protected when using public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Other handy features

You can use up to five devices at the same time to connect to PureVPN. Since the VPN can be installed directly on the router, this restriction doesn’t seem so great anymore. You can also install a Chrome or Firefox extension with the same functionality as the desktop application.

Dedicated IPs

PureVPN has two types of dedicated IP addresses. You can get your own unique address, which is useful when accessing services like Netflix known for blocking any IP addresses belonging to VPN apps.
A unique IP address is also useful for enhancing online security as it allows you to access websites connected to security cameras, remote servers, and other services through that IP address.
There are also dedicated IPs for live streams and online services. Such addresses are temporary and not unique, but they do a decent job accessing blocked content.


The app’s official website always offers sales and discounts, so it’s rather difficult to predict how much PureVPN will cost next week. At the time of writing, you can buy a two-year subscription for $ 3.33 per month billed 79.99 every two years.
PureVPN is aimed at a more advanced audience that knows what problems they want to solve when buying a VPN. Therefore, the developers don’t provide a demo version. After installation, you need to choose a subscription plan.

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